MOODIN brings your addition project to life, from concept to construction. Before seeing your actual design, which we offered, do not make any decisions.

Home Remodeling Service​

What is the concept of the project?
build a more extensive kitchen family dining room,
an area for children to play,
superior home office accommodations,
or a brand-new, actual master suite
Whether you know the answer or not, the MOODIN design team can help you choose how to make a functional and lovely place that meets your demands.

Does it merit it?
Considering the return on investment of such a large expenditure.
In the long run, it is always worthwhile. Home values rise as square footage is added. Additionally, it provides for your family's requirements. 
Your wonderful family moments are not valued by any amount of money.

In conclusion, from start to finish, MOODIN DESIGN AND BUILD provides all of the services;

Determining the demands and desires of our clients.
Creating the concept design
Architectural and structural drawings
Submitting a permit application (county-specific evaluation times range from 2 to 5 weeks).
The construction process begins with the foundation/footing, framing, and roofing...
Final product.

Home Addition Service

THERE COMES A TIME in everyone's life when they feel as if they have outgrown their home. You could need additional space as your family expands or a new room to live comfortably, but you might not want to relocate to a new house. If so, adding a room to your house would be a wise renovation choice. While it satisfies your needs and expands the space in your little home, it also raises the home's market worth.


Here are a few of them that you could be looking for;

Conventional House Extension,

Addition of a sunroom,

In addition to an existing Room or Bump Out,

Kitchen addition,

Two-Story Addition,

Or, even more….