WHEN THE SUMMER COMES there is no beautiful space, where you can gather with your family and guests, than your backyard.


For most of our clients who enjoy entertaining, a well-designed deck or a fully integrated deck and patio combo is a dream. Furthermore, fulfilling the nature, architecture, and wishes of our clientele is our starting point.

Choosing the appropriate start, which includes the ideal architectural design, construction details, optimal material selection, and construction management, allows you to easily fit this type of external project into your budget. We also give a schematic design that allows you to see from the a photorealistic image to the building specifics.

In today's world, you are able to review all of the details of your project.

  • Architectural Plans
  • Renders ( Photorealistic Images )
  • Construction Drawing Details
  • Construction Management

So, MOODIN offers its best to create and bring its clients' dreams to reality, from a unique design to a well-built product.


When it comes to deck projects, there are three main factors to consider.

  • First, how large a deck do you require?

The answer to this question is dependent on the amount of space available on your property and your budget. If all of the factors are in order, the only limit is your and our imagination. 

  • Second, how much money do you want to put into your home?

Instead of considering how much you spend, consider how much you invest. Because it is not something you buy and then toss away, you will get back between 30% and 60% of it in the long run.

  • Finally, How will your deck be designed? 

One of our design professionals will meet with you to inspect the job site and take the final measurements. After analyzing all of the elements, we build your deck to meet your goals, desires, and budget. Seeing project specifics as well as material selection applied to design, you may be certain of what you want and what you have at the end of the construction stage. 

Therefore, let's see how MOODIN's final product fits all of the requirements from design to construction.


At Moodin Design Build, our team of highly skilled workers combines their exceptional artistry with a passion for creating stunning living spaces. We prioritize active listening to our client's visions and concerns, enabling us to provide clear and professional ideas that help bring their personalized dream spaces to life, spaces that can be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Your deck is an essential part of your home, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. Our expert deck-building design service will elevate your deck, creating a captivating and enjoyable outdoor oasis.