WE UNDERSTAND HOW important a beautiful, stylish, and functional bathroom is to our overall quality of life.

Bathroom renovation

Bathrooms are an important part of your home that you visit numerous times every day. We understand the value of a bathroom and the beneficial effect that it may have on health and well-being. Fully functional and modern bathrooms provide you with a high level of comfort. They also pose a challenge due to the numerous installations and accessories. They are compact yet extremely functional modules that include everything from bathtubs to sinks, showers to heating accessories, beautiful wall tiles to flooring, and plumbing systems to electrical installations.

Bathrooms deteriorate over time and may require partial or complete renovation.

Our proficient bathroom designers and installers are here to ensure that you have highly aesthetic and useful bathrooms. We offer a variety of services to match your budget and expectations, ranging from new construction to comprehensive remodeling of your existing bathrooms and from partial to complete bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Remodeling

A related trend is the obsession with tubs in bathrooms. We're all seeking for some calming me time now more than ever, and nothing beats a nice soothing bath in the tub. Tubs are the star of the show; they are the focus or focal point in the room. Freestanding tubs are very popular, ranging from traditional fabric tubs to super futuristic forms and everything in between. Don't forget about the accessories that surround the tub; they are all part of the show.

Remodeling your bathroom

MOODIN Approaches understands that the bathroom is an important and meaningful place in every home, and we specialize in transforming the ordinary into the remarkable, working together with you to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Complete Bathroom Renovation
A complete bathroom renovation scope of work should include any or all of the following activities:

  • Demolition and reconstruction.
  • All plumbing installations and accessories must be replaced or upgraded.
  • All electrical installations and accessories must be replaced or upgraded.
  • Replacement of wall and floor tiles.
  • Wall and ceiling repair and repainting.
  • Fixture replacement.
  • Cabinetry and storage replacement or upgrade.
  • Lighting installation.
  • Finishing and Decorative Elements.

Our skilled bathroom designers can assist you in planning and carrying out a bathroom remodelling project that suits your requirements and budget. They can walk you through the process and guarantee that all aspects of the refurbishment are completed correctly and completely to your satisfaction.